The ProductPlan API provides you with a powerful tool to access and modify your ProductPlan data. Its main purpose is to provide the ability to synchronize with other data sources, either internal to your company or with other commercial products.

The API provides the following capabilities:

  • Roadmaps
    • List your roadmaps
    • Synchronize percentage complete, title, description, and other fields
    • Create, update, or delete bars
  • Strategy
    • List your objectives and key results
    • Synchronize title, description, other fields, and key result progress
    • Create, update, or delete objectives and key results
  • Discovery
    • List your ideas and opportunities
    • Synchronize title, description, tags and other fields
    • Create or update ideas and opportunities
  • Launches
    • List your launches and tasks
    • Organize tasks by sections and update status
    • Create, update, or delete launches, sections, and tasks
  • Other
    • List your teams and users
    • Check application status

The ProductPlan RESTful API may be used by any current ProductPlan user to access and modify specific application data.

This documentation references all Resource Endpoints (HTTP methods and URL paths) available in the API, and how to issue those requests.

For additional assistance or support please contact us at [email protected]. We appreciate any feedback or suggestions.